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    If you’ve recently suffered an injury or have a debilitating illness that makes performing everyday tasks a challenge, it may be impossible to find suitable work. This may mean you’re struggling to pay bills, and medical expenses, and meet your and your family’s basic needs. Fortunately, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits offer financial support to individuals facing these challenges.

    While applying for disability benefits can be a complicated process, our Fayetteville North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyers can help. At O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group, we understand how to navigate the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) rules and guidelines. This means we can simplify the steps of filing a claim, no matter how complicated your case may seem.

    Our team of dedicated disability attorneys in Fayetteville, NC is committed to offering compassionate and effective legal representation. For over 29 years, we’ve successfully helped thousands of individuals just like you obtain the necessary benefits.

    Who Can Apply for Social Security in Fayetteville, NC

    To be eligible for disability benefits, your earned income level must fall below the threshold of Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). You must also meet the criteria for one of the Social Security Administration’s available disability benefit programs. These include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


    SSDI benefits provide financial assistance to individuals who are no longer able to work due to illness or injury. These benefits are intended for individuals who have contributed to the Social Security System through payroll taxes by working and earning work credits throughout their lives.


    SSI is a federal assistance program that provides financial support to elderly, blind, or disabled individuals with limited income and resources. SSI benefits are awarded to individuals who can’t qualify for SSDI and are unable to perform SGA.

    How to Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Social Security Benefits

    • Provide Substantial Medical Records & Other Evidence
      Whether applying for SSDI or SSI, it’s crucial to provide thorough, substantial medical evidence supporting your disability claim. This evidence can consist of medical records like physician notes, past and current treatment plans, treatment results, lab results, etc.
      Other evidence you can include in your disability application includes statements from friends, family, coworkers, etc. regarding the severity of your disability.
    • Apply Promptly
      File your disability claim as soon as you become disabled.
      There is a five-month waiting period for receiving SSDI benefits. This means payments will not begin before the sixth full month of disability. (This does not apply to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS] claims filed on or after July 23rd, 2020.)
      Additionally, SSI benefits are paid for the first full month following your application date or the date you become eligible for SSI. Prompt application for benefits can mean you receive benefits sooner.
    • Call An Attorney
      Filing for disability benefits is complicated. Most initial disability claims are denied due to the SSA’s strict application review process. Many applicants fail to provide enough medical evidence, make mistakes on their application, or forget to include crucial documents. Even a minor error can cause your claim to be denied.
      When it comes to Social Security Disability, our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience needed to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. When you work with our disability lawyers in Fayetteville, NC, you can rest assured your claim will be filed correctly and on time. We’ll ensure no important documents go overlooked. We will also ensure that the appropriate medical evidence is gathered and provided to the SSA.

    Why Choose O’Neil and Bowman

    • Local Knowledge
      For over 29 years, our disability attorneys have helped individuals across North Carolina obtain disability benefits. This local knowledge of the Social Security System gives us an edge over other disability lawyers near Fayetteville, NC.
    • Personalized Approach
      Every disability claim is unique. Our lawyers provide personalized legal services, always addressing your specific needs with the utmost care and consideration. It’s our goal to ensure you feel secure during this stressful time.
    • Compassionate Advocacy
      Coping with a disability can be a daunting experience, and our team approaches each case with empathy and respect. We make sure you feel heard and supported throughout the entire legal process.
    • No Case Is Too Complex
      We’ve helped clients navigate even the most intricate disability claims. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll guide you through every step of the process, no matter how challenging your case may seem.
    • Experienced in Social Security Disability Law
      If you’re unsure about the disability benefits process, we can help you understand it and explore your options. For over 29 years, our experienced Fayetteville disability lawyers have meticulously reviewed every case we encounter, ensuring each client is fairly represented.

    Our Services

    Claims & Appeals

    Filing a disability claim can feel overwhelming. Our accomplished Social Security attorneys in Fayetteville, NC are here to guide you through the initial application process. When necessary, we’re also here to help clients through the appeals process.

    Legal Guidance & Advocacy

    We offer reliable and trusted legal counsel to help empower you to make well-informed decisions. Our commitment to advocacy goes beyond just the SSD application process. Our attorneys are ready to help you through every step towards achieving disability benefits.

    Continuous Assistance for SSDI & SSI Cases

    Our Fayetteville Social Security Disability attorneys will stand by your side throughout the entire disability claims process. This means we will address all your questions and provide continuous, unwavering support.

    We also handle cases encompassing a wide range of disabilities and conditions. Whether you’re pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, you can depend on us for trusted legal advice.

    Contact Us to Apply for Social Security Disability in Fayetteville

    If you’re unable to work due to a disability, you should apply for SSD benefits as soon as possible. At O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group, our Social Security lawyers in Fayetteville, NC can help you understand your eligibility and the application process.

    Don’t navigate the claims process alone. Contact our experienced Fayetteville SSI and SSDI attorneys today to request a free case evaluation.


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