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Bowman Disability Law and the O'Neil Disability Group are combining to form the O'Neil and Bowman Disability Group


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    Erick Bowman

    Erick Bowman has been practicing law for over 25 years. During this time, he has represented thousands of disability claimants throughout Virginia, North Carolina.

    Erick Bowman has devoted his career to advocating for disabled people who would otherwise feel intimidated by the numerous regulations surrounding disability benefits. The O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group is prepared to represent individuals at any stage in the process of applying for SSI or SSDI.

    John O’Neil

    A longtime advocate for the rights of the disabled, Attorney John O’Neil received his Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law after completing his Bachelor of Science degree at Syracuse University where he double majored in finance and marketing. Mr. O’Neil began his legal career in 2006 when he entered law school. During law school, he was committed to experiential education and public service.

    He participated in the University of Maryland Low Income Taxpayer’s Clinic for two years, representing low-income taxpayers who couldn’t afford traditional legal representation. Additionally, Mr. O’Neil obtained internships with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York State Attorney General’s office, Investor Protection Bureau, during his second and third years of law school.

    After graduating from law school, Mr. O’Neil made a natural transition to the field of Social Security Disability. He incorporated the Law Offices of John S. O’Neil in 2010 and has been running his own Law Practice since that time which focuses exclusively on Social Security Disability. He has developed an enviable record representing thousands of disabled claimants in a multi-state region throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

    We Know the Law

    The only way to secure the benefits you need is to convince an Administrative Law Judge that your symptoms and circumstances meet the SSA’s requirements. Our legal team is familiar with these requirements and can help you interpret how they apply to your case. Having spent many years reviewing medical records, communicating with claimants, and attending hearings, Erick Bowman is qualified to help you organize and present the most important details of your case.

    We’re There for Our Clients

    Many people find the prospect of facing a judge and expressing themselves on the record very nerve-wracking.

    One of the best ways to prevent this uneasiness is to talk through the process with a lawyer. If you allow O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group to assist you, our attentive attorney will help you prepare questions that the Administrative Law Judge is likely to ask. Without discussing the SSA’s expectations ahead of time, these questions may feel probing, or their purpose may be unclear during your hearing.

    Our Guarantee

    Many assume that meeting with their attorney before their hearing is a sure thing, but unfortunately some national firms are unable to dedicate this time to their clients. As part of our agreement, our practice guarantees that You will meet with our attorney prior to your hearing to prepare you for this process and to review all evidence received.

    We’re Not Afraid of Challenging Cases

    For many people, filing an application for SSI and SSDI is very difficult and time-consuming. Most disability claims are denied on the first application.

    If you have received a notice of denial, please do not lose hope. Instead, contact our law firm immediately to begin working on your appeal.

    Our firm is prepared to take on complex cases and children’s cases that others have turned away. We can go over the details of your initial application together and prepare a response that will show your condition and circumstances in full clarity. In addition to greater reassurance on the day of your hearing, the support of an attorney throughout the process offers numerous benefits.

    Crystal Woody

    Office Administrator/ Social Security Disability Paralegal Specialist

    Crystal has worked with Mr. Bowman for over 10 years and has been handling Social Security Disability cases for over 20 years.

    She is currently the Office Administrator at our firm. Her experience includes; working with all phases of Social Security Disability and SSI claims and appeals, including appellate cases, as well as general practice support, and personal injury litigation. Crystal has graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with certificates in Business Principles and Business Management.

    On the weekends, Crystal volunteers at Animal Aid Society as the Saturday Shift Leader, Events Committee Chair, and active Board Member. In her spare time, Crystal also enjoys kickboxing, cycling, yoga, reading and spending time with her children and two grandchildren.


    Cody Lycan


    Cody Lycan is currently a paralegal for O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group and has dealt with Social Security Disability case for five years and Personal Injury cases for two years. He is currently working on is Bachelor of Sciences in Information Technology at Southern New Hampshire University and graduated from The Protocol School of Washington with a certificate of Protocol Officer. On his free time, he loves spending time with his dog Sage and being crafty with his 3D printer.

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