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    Disability Claims For Skin Erosion And Related Disorders

    There are numerous injuries or illnesses that can affect our skin, but facing a skin disorder can be completely debilitating. Burns, lesions and extended flare ups of dermatitis or bullous diseases can be excruciating, even with ongoing treatment that attempts to control symptoms.

    If you’re unable to work or function due to your skin disorder, then you might qualify for social security disability benefits. Before your claim can be approved, there are several pieces of evidence you’ll need to gather. For most skin disorders, you’ll need a diagnosis from a physician as well as the location, size, and duration of lesions or flare-ups.

    Disability Claims For Skin Erosion & Related Disorders

    Other medical evidence that can solidify the foundation of your claim, includes your family history of skin disorders, knowledge of environmental triggers, and the results of treatment to control your condition.

    Most importantly, the court wants to know how you’re able to function outside of an environment where your skin is protected. You should note how your condition affects your joints, mobility and ability to perform daily tasks such as showering, putting on clothes, and lifting objects.

    If you’re not able to work, drive, or perform other simple tasks outside of your home without being affected by your skin disorder, then you need to apply for disability benefits.

    Conditions That Quality For Disability Benefits

    Some of the most common skin disorders listed under the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book guidelines include:

    • Bullous Diseases
    • Ichthyosis
    • Chronic Skin Infections
    • Chronic Infections of the Mucous Membrane
    • Various types of Dermatitis
    • Photosensitivity Disorders
    • Burns

    Some skin conditions can occur as a result of other impairments affecting the body. These could include cancers, as well as autoimmune, sensory and neurological disorders. If this is the case, your skin disorder will be noted and your disability claim will be filed underneath the appropriate category classified by the Blue Book.

    The Frequency Of Your Symptoms

    For most of these conditions, extensive skin lesions need to be present and interfere with your ability to function for more than 3 months. Burns and genetic photosensitivity disorders these lesions should be present or expected to be present for at least 12 months.

    When lesions are not present for extended periods of time, flare-ups can also help an individual qualify for disability benefits when they face a skin disorder. The claimant should note the duration and symptoms of each flare up over a 12 month period, as well as activities the affected individual is unable to perform.

    Finally, it is important to note the type(s), duration, response and adverse effects of treatment for your skin disorder. Medications, therapies and surgeries can usually slow down or control the debilitating symptoms of a skin disorder. It’s also possible for the body to stop responding or become resistant to treatment over time.

    File Your Claim With Our Social Security Disability Attorney

    There is nothing more stressful than trying to navigate the claims process in order to receive social security disability benefits. Rather than add even more stress to your life and worsen your skin disorder, you should contact our disability lawyers in Hampton, VA.

    Our team at the O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group is always ready to help you and will fight diligently on your behalf. Once our social security disability lawyers gather medical evidence for your case, we will handle all of the leg work inside and outside of court. This includes following up with the Social Security Administration as your claim is reviewed, fighting for your claim during the appeals process, and making sure all of your goals are met when your claim is approved.

    Let us help you apply for social security disability. Schedule your free consultation with our lawyers at Bowman Disability Law today!


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